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A Gentleman’s Gentleman

A Gentleman’s Gentleman

by Mara

Summary: Alfred meets Lady Shiva. Unexpected things occur.

Lady Shiva circled the old man, noting his relaxed posture. Not the fake
relaxation that men (and women) often attempted in her presence–the kind that
masked nearly paralyzing fear—but the real thing. He reminded Shiva of his
master, actually.

“I know dozens of ways to kill you where you stand,” she said, her voice low and

“I’m quite sure you do,” Alfred said, brushing a speck of dust off one cuff.
“Would you like some tea while you await Master Bruce’s return?”

She stopped prowling and stared at him. “Tea?”

“Perhaps you would prefer coffee? I can also offer you some pastries.”

The most dangerous woman on Earth blinked. “Just tea.”

“Very good, miss. Perhaps you would like to wait in the drawing room.”

Shiva followed him down the hall. No wonder Batman kept him–he was really a
most astonishing man.


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