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An Hour in the Life

An Hour in the Life

by Mara

Summary: In the alternate universe set up by “Twilight,” Archer and T’Pol spent many years together…

NOTES: After “Twilight” aired, Mareel challenged folks to write stories taking
place during that episode. RhiannonRevolts wanted me to write Archer/T’Pol. I’m
not sure this is precisely what she was looking for, but I go where the muses
tell me. Thanks to Captain Average, the bestest beta ever, for taking a look at

* * * * *

T’Pol had given up telling herself how illogical it was to be upset 5.25 years
previously. Because, in a circularly logical way, it was illogical to keep
reminding herself.

Soval was correct about many things, but that was entirely irrelevant. The
situation was what it was, and it behooved her to do her duty.

Jonathan sat at their kitchen table–the daily retelling of the story over for
the moment–his head bowed. There were, she could see, a few more gray hairs in
that head then when she had last looked.

It would take him a few more minutes to process everything, so T’Pol cleared the
table. Dishes cleaned, she sat back down at the table. It was going to be a very
temperate day, she thought, looking at the sunlight streaming through the
windows. Perhaps later they might spend some time in the garden, which was in
need of some attention. Jonathan found that very soothing, generally.

Life had taken on a very regular schedule, and she relished that. Now, knowing
Jonathan as she did, it was almost time for him to ask one of the questions that
usually occurred to him at this time. Idly, she wondered whether it would be
about the fate of the crew today. Or perhaps asking for the more technical
details of his condition.

Waiting for him to be ready, she rested her hands on the table and allowed her
mind to enter the first stage of meditation. There was no reason to waste this
time, of course.

It was into that relaxed state of contemplation that Jonathan’s question

“Do you love me?” he asked.

She brought her mind back to the surface, certain she had heard him incorrectly.
“Excuse me?”

He swallowed, the lines in his face more apparent. “Do you love me?”

She blinked, unsure how one answered that. “Is this a typical question humans
ask each other?”

“Never mind,” Jonathan said, shaking his head, “it was a stupid question.”

“Never that. But I do not know how to answer it. We have spent many years
together in harmony, but I have never understood how humans define love.”

He leaned back in his seat. “I’m not sure I want to try and explain it. I
just…we’ve been here so long, I wondered why you’d stayed with the last
remnants of humanity when you could have returned to Vulcan.”

Puzzled, she frowned at him. “I did not stay with them, I stayed with you.”

A slow grin spread across his face. “Close enough.” He laughed aloud at her

Days like today were what Soval had never understood. Why had she remained
steadfast at the side of the humans, despite everything?

Because they had never once failed to surprise her in the end.


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