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Strip Away the Phony

Strip Away the Phony by Mara Summary: Henry’s found something in Vicki’s apartment that provokes a few…uncomfortable question Story Notes: For Medie, who begged so very prettily.

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From All His Iniquities

From All His Iniquities by Mara Summary: Détente is good, but a resolution is better. Story Notes: Please look at the rating. I know I usually write G to PG-rated stuff, but this is most assuredly not suitable for all audiences, and it’s almost certainly Cereta’s fault in some way.

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Of Conquest and Surrender

Of Conquest and Surrender by Mara Summary: Vicki Nelson agrees to help one of Henry Fitzroy’s old friends. The good news is that she isn’t a ghost, demon, witch, or vampire… Story Notes: Written for the Pairing List That Ate Fandom. ::coughs:: That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it.

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Hours of Visitors

Hours of Visitors by Mara Summary: Vicki and Henry’s movie night is derailed by overseas visitors. Story Notes: For Melissima’s fandom_stocking. Continuity: ::stares at you:: Bwahahahahahaha! When Vicki dropped by Henry’s apartment for movie night, she was expecting that he’d provide pizza and beer for her and maybe flirt a bit. She *wasn’t* expecting there […]

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The Most Destructive Emotion

The Most Destructive Emotion by Mara Summary: Sometimes Vicki just doesn’t understand people. Especially Coreen. Story Notes: For Wiliqueen’s fandom_stocking. Written a bit hastily to meet the comm deadline, so I hope it’s okay 🙂 Continuity: Just after “Deep Dark”

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