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Town Mouse, Country Mouse

Town Mouse, Country Mouse by Mara Summary: To his own surprise, Lex finds himself helping Chloe disguise herself as a society babe. And what good can come of *that*? NOTES: This fic got out of hand, and as usual, it’s all Medie’s fault 😉 Tremendous thanks go to Alexis for reassurance and betareading duties. And […]

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Old Friends, Old Enemies… Same Thing

Old Friend, Old Enemies… Same Thing by Mara Summary: Why has Bruce come to Smallville to visit Lex? NOTES: I wrote this very hastily because DebC thinks nobody loves her and I needed to prove her wrong. This is kinda sorta Smallvilleverse. Ish. Also kinda building on a lot of Bruce/Lex fanon.

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Pieces of Wild Nature

Pieces of Wild Nature by Mara Summary: She’s not Wonder Woman. She’s just a girl visiting Smallville. NOTES: Azar wanted pre-Wonder Woman Diana, possibly visiting Smallville. It happens to be her birthday and she needed to be cheered up, so I obliged. Thanks to Medie for the beta.

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Substitute by Mara Summary: “Lex stared at the two men in front of him, wondering if they were insane, or if he was.” CONTINUITY: It’s in the same universe as a fic I wrote last year called “Old Friends, Old Enemies…Same Thing.” NOTES: This is a present for DebC on her birthday, 3/17/06 🙂

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Family Life

Family Life by Mara Summary: “I’m fine, Clark. Just wondering how long you’ve had a twin brother.” Author’s Chapter Notes: This is Medie’s fault to begin with. (Big surprise there.) Anyway, months ago, she told me I *had* to write this. I finally finished it as a surprise for Medie Appreciation Day. Thanks to DebC […]

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Family Ties

Family Ties by Mara Summary: “Batman, I presume?” Chloe asked. Author’s Chapter Notes: People (especially Heatherly) asked so nicely for a sequel. I’m not even slightly immune to flattery. (Or bribery. I want my bean dip! ::snerk::) Unbetaread flashfic because I felt like it 😀 CONTINUITY: This is a sequel to “Family Life,” an alternate […]

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Family Values

Family Valies by Mara Summary: Working for the Justice League can lead you to some pretty strange places. Chloe should know better than to get complacent. Author’s Chapter Notes: Fine, it’s a series. Happy now? ::glares at everyone:: This one is totally Reanne’s fault. ::glares specifically at her:: I didn’t originally intend…well, you’ll see. Let’s […]

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True to Your Animal Instincts

True to Your Animal Instincts by Mara Summary: Chloe Sullivan would like it known that the entire incident was Not Her Fault. Notes: This is, however, *entirely* the fault of the gang at Heatherly’s fondue party, who egged me on. You’re just lucky I didn’t write the one about Spider-Man, okay?

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