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The Secret Thoughts of a Man

The Secret Thoughts of a Man by Mara Summary: “John thought this might explain some things about Flash, because Batman-baiting was better fun than he’d exCONTINUITY: Takes place after “Hereafter” but contains no spoilers for it. NOTES: This is a sorta kinda sequel to “Secrets, Societies, and Truths,” containing some spoilers for the episodes “Secret […]

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Secrets, Societies, and Truths

Secrets, Societies, and Truths by Mara Summary: A series of vignettes dealing with the aftermath of Season 2’s “Secret Society.” NOTES: As usual, it’s Medie’s fault. Isn’t it always? But she asked so evilly…I mean, nicely. I’ve been reading the JLA comics recently, so pardon me if I accidentally mix comic and cartoon canon.

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A Riot of Relaxation

A Riot of Relaxation by Mara Summary: The members of the Justice League reminisce about childhood NOTES: No plot here, just a little character piece that occurred to me on the plane back from New Orleans. The title is from the Ogden Nash poem “We’ll All Feel Better By Wednesday.” Gigantic thanks to BrenK for […]

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You Never Forget…

You Never Forget… by Mara Summary: Wonder Woman is not nearly the innocent some might believe. And even Batman can be surprised now and then. NOTES: Taryn made me do it! She double dog dared me! And then DebC seconded it! And something that Morgan said made me think…well, you’ll see. Um, this is cartoonverse, […]

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You’re Only Human (Second Wind)

You’re Only Human (Second Wind) by Mara Summary: Office romances are difficult enough, but when you’re dating Batman… CONTINUITY: This takes place after “Starcrossed” but before “Initiation.” It also takes place not long after my story “Hesitation Change.” NOTES: This story is a response to Smitty’s long-ago “Billy Joel Title Challenge.” This is a conversation […]

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Hesitation Change

Hesitation Change by Mara Summary: Wonder Woman is still waiting for Batman to take her dancing. CONTINUITY: Somewhere after “Maid of Honor” but before “Hereafter.” NOTES: Spoilers for several S1 and S2 eps, although the only major ones are for “Fury.” (There’s also a shoutout for people who’ve read the graphic novel JLA: Divided We […]

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Till You’ve Left It

Till You’ve Left It by Mara Summary: “You can’t appreciate home till you’ve left it.” CONTINUITY: Takes place during the episode “The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales.” NOTES: I wasn’t going to write about Cowboy Bruce, but he insisted. I’m still not sure why he chose this moment to *want* me to write […]

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Lost the Art of Living

Lost Art of Living by Mara Summary: Bruce thinks about Ted Kord. Notes: So very much Madripoor Rose’s fault for pointing out something in the episode I hadn’t thought about. Continuity: Brave and the Bold toonverse, after the teaser of “The Fall of the Blue Beetle” and after the end of the episode. Big ol’ […]

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