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You Weep Alone

You Weep Alone by Mara Summary: In which we learn where the Doctor went after the Time War, and who he met there. (DW/Firefly crossover) Author’s Chapter Notes: This is my entry in the Multiverse 2006 challenge, written for Buggs (aka boofadil). I hope you like it, as it got…um…a bit out of hand. Thanks […]

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Part of Life’s Fascination

Part of Life’s Fascination by Mara Summary: Bruce Wayne encounters Captain Jack Harkness at a fundraiser. NOTES: So not that long ago, I said that “my” comic!Bruce was straight, except when it comes to Clark. Well, it turns out that he’s willing to make one other exception. Who knew? Written for Sarkastic’s ‘Captain Jack Sexes […]

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At Once a Delight and a Tyrant

At Once a Delight and a Tyrant by Mara Summary: The Doctor decides that he and Rose need a vacation. Notes: A pinch-hitting fic for the Ninth Doctor Ficathon, written for Sam (eternalwings). No spoilers.

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