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A Companion’s Lot

A Companion’s Lot by Mara Summary: Shortly after Inara joins the crew of Serenity, she has a run-in with Jayne, which makes her think about her career and her place in the crew. NOTES: This was slightly inspired by a discussion on firefly_over_30 about the role of Companions. Thanks for the beta go to Captain […]

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Friction Leads to Fire

Friction Leads to Fire by Mara Summary: Mal and Inara are stuck in adjoining jail cells. NOTES: This story contains spoilerish stuff up to “Safe”. Thanks to Captain Average for the beta and the Chinese, and to Medie, who asked me to finish it. Chinese glossary (courtesy the Firefly’s Glow list and Captain Average): Ni […]

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Firefly Drabbles

Firefly Drabbles by Mara Summary: Unconnected drabbles. Setting, mood, and pairing may vary.

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You Weep Alone

You Weep Alone by Mara Summary: In which we learn where the Doctor went after the Time War, and who he met there. (DW/Firefly crossover) Author’s Chapter Notes: This is my entry in the Multiverse 2006 challenge, written for Buggs (aka boofadil). I hope you like it, as it got…um…a bit out of hand. Thanks […]

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An Accurate Mind

An Accurate Mind by Mara Summary: Two great minds that think alike. Watch out, world(s). Author’s Chapter Notes: I’m playing fast and loose with Firefly canon. Please roll with it for the sake of the crack. Oh, and one Guide entry is taken *almost* directly from the book, although the others are mine. (It will […]

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Extended Family (the Party Remix)

Extended Family (the Party Remix) by Mara Summary: Kaylee and Zoe deal with a life change with their usual aplomb. The rest of Serenity’s crew…doesn’t. tory Notes: Written for the 2008 Remix Challenge. Original story: Extended Family by Liquideyes

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Sharing Equally Their Pleasures

Sharing Equally Their Pleasures by Mara Summary: You just never know what the Rift is going to drop in Cardiff. Story Notes: Written for Ladysarahii’s fandom_stocking.

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