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Doubt Truth To Be a Liar

Doubt Truth To Be a Liar by Mara Summary: “The call telling him to get his butt into Cuddy’s office *immediately* came not from Cuddy, but from her secretary. Crap, House thought. That was a bad sign.” Author’s Chapter Notes: Takes place at the end of “Half-Wit”, just before Wilson comes to lecture House. Contains […]

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Five Times Cuddy Didn’t Want to Kill House

Five Times Cuddy Didn’t Want to Kill House by Mara Summary: Hey, even House has his off days, right? Author’s Chapter Notes: This is a birthday present for DebC. It’s a suggested title I gave to her, but I’m borrowing it back 😉

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Death of the Heart

Death of the Heart by Mara Summary: Henry McCoy brings a patient to Gregory House with a mysterious illness. Story Notes: I’m *not* a medical professional. I did as much research as possible, but I can’t guarantee accurate medicine. Thanks very much to Naomi for her valiant duties as beta. However, since I managed to […]

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Four Times Cuddy Thought (Very Very Briefly) About Kissing House

Four Times Cuddy Thought (Very Very Briefly) About Kissing House by Mara Summary: The title says it all, I should think. Story Notes: Written for DebC’s birthday, 3/17/08. ::hugs::

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Made All The Mistakes

Made All the Mistakes by Mara Summary: Just when Jack Carter thought his life couldn’t get any worse… Story Notes: Written for Ladybug218’s fandom_stocking.

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Them That Help Themselves

Them That Help Themselves by Mara Summary: What if Cuddy had talked to House instead of Wilson at the end of “Painless”? Story Notes: This is pretty much my dad’s fault, for calling me when I was working and talking to me about this House episode. And he made one important comment about House himself…

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When Kept or Revealed

When Kept or Revealed by Mara Summary: “It’s not a joke. Bruce Wayne is Batman and I used to be Robin.” (Sequel to “Change is the Only Constant”) Author’s Chapter Notes: Fanfic100 prompt #77, What and Psych_30 prompt, Catharsis. Marcelo brilliantly explained how Tim made himself tall enough to be Greg House. So I *had* […]

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Change is the Only Constant

Change is the Only Constant by Mara Summary: When Bruce Wayne becomes Dr. Gregory House’s latest patient, House’s hidden past might just be disclosed. CONTINUITY: No spoilers for House. Some spoilers for DC big events Identity Crisis and War Games, although this isn’t set in the same continuity. Clear as mud? Righto. Just roll with […]

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