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Hours of Visitors

Hours of Visitors by Mara Summary: Vicki and Henry’s movie night is derailed by overseas visitors. Story Notes: For Melissima’s fandom_stocking. Continuity: ::stares at you:: Bwahahahahahaha! When Vicki dropped by Henry’s apartment for movie night, she was expecting that he’d provide pizza and beer for her and maybe flirt a bit. She *wasn’t* expecting there […]

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Sharing Equally Their Pleasures

Sharing Equally Their Pleasures by Mara Summary: You just never know what the Rift is going to drop in Cardiff. Story Notes: Written for Ladysarahii’s fandom_stocking.

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(I Wonder) If I Can Trust You

(I Wonder) If I Can Trust You by Mara Summary: Ever since the night they kissed, Bruce has kept an ear out for word of Captain Jack Harkness. Story Notes: This is a sequel to my fic “Part of Life’s Fascination.” It is for Psych_30 #26, Obsession and Fanfic100 #79, When? Thanks go to PurpleAllison […]

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All Loss, All Pain

All Loss, All Pain by Mara Summary: “Jack wondered why this never got any easier.” Notes: For Azarsuerte. Although I’m not sure it’s anything like what she wanted. Thanks to Xandri for the beta and my flist for help with terminology. Continuity: AU for the end of 2.13: “Exit Wounds.” There’s only one change, but […]

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A Superhero and a Teaboy Walk into a Bar

A Superhero and a Teaboy Walk into a Bar by Mara Summary: The title says it all, I think. Note: Written for Thecomingnight’s fandom_stocking.

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A Lesson Finally Learned (The Repetitive Remix)

A Lesson Finally Learned (The Repetitive Remix) by Mara Summary: Jack Harkness can sometimes be a very slow learner. Written for the 2008 Remix Challenge Original Story: A Lesson Finally Learned by Xwingace Spoilers: Minor spoilers for season 2, up to “Adam.”

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