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Hero Under Pressure

Hero Under Pressure by Mara Summary: When Wraith is away, the guards of Weapon X will play. CONTINUITY: This takes place during Ultimate X-Men #10, except that I’ve added extra time between the India mission and Wolverine being brought in. Hey, Marvel time has never been like real time anyway… DISCLAIMER: The X-Men and the […]

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Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather by Mara Summary: Stuck inside during a snowstorm, the residents of the Ultimate X-Mansion talk. CONTINUITY: Whenever you like . NOTES: Readers of my Enterprise fic will see a resemblance to my story “Making History.” I happen to like this format. So sue me. Thanks for the beta to Captain Average, the superhero […]

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Spent Casings: The Cold as Ice Remix

Spent Casings: The Cold as Ice Remix by Mara Summary: Bobby finds out about Emma and Scott. (This is an AU of New X-Men 139, “Shattered,” the first part to the Murder in the Mansion story line.) NOTES: This was written for the Remix Redux Challenge and it is a remix of Cherry Ice’s story […]

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A Bird in the Hand

A Bird in the Hand by Mara Summary: What happens when Scott and Madelyne meet? (Story #3 in the roundrobin) NOTES/DEDICATION: This is a sequel to Minisinoo’s “The Goose Who Laid the Golden Egg.” It happens before Dyce’s “What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander” because Dyce writes faster than I do […]

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A Little Bird Told Me

A Little Bird Told Me by Mara Summary: Scott wants to go find Madelyne and his child, but he’s got to go through Ororo first. (Story #9) NOTES: This takes place at more or less the same time as Sascha’s “Wild Goose Chase.” Sorry if this is a bit long, but Scott and Ororo would […]

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Why Did the Ganders Cross the Road?

Why Did the Ganders Cross the Road? by Mara Summary: Scott and Logan are on the road together. It could be going better. (Story #16) NOTES: This story, part of the Golden Goose Round Robin, takes place at the same time as Paxnirvana’s “Migration.” Thanks to Min for letting us have fun with her idea. […]

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Ruffled Feathers

Ruffled Feathers by Mara Summary: Golden Goose Epilogue. After the team returns to Westchester, Logan hits the road to do a little hard thinking. NOTES: This is one of several epilogues to the Golden Goose Ultimate X-Men Roundrobin, begun by Minisinoo. Thanks to my hubby, Avi, for help with motorcycle terminology, and to Wyzeguy for […]

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Death of the Heart

Death of the Heart by Mara Summary: Henry McCoy brings a patient to Gregory House with a mysterious illness. Story Notes: I’m *not* a medical professional. I did as much research as possible, but I can’t guarantee accurate medicine. Thanks very much to Naomi for her valiant duties as beta. However, since I managed to […]

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But Look What I Found

But Look What I Found by Mara Summary: Oracle’s got a guest. Jubilee’s new in town. Tim’s having a bad night. Story Notes: Minisinoo asked for Jubilee in a crossover with DC, preferably Oracle or Tim. How could I resist some of my favorite characters? There is no continuity whatsoever, so don’t even try.

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