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Concord of Sweet Sounds

Concord of Sweet Sounds

by Mara

Summary: If music be the food of love…Mike and Vicki wish they could order Chinese.

Author’s Chapter Notes:
For Falzalot, as a balm to her suffering. ::coughs:: Folks on my flist may notice it’s also a balm to *my* recent suffering.

Mike stopped in the doorway, covering his ears. “What the *hell* are you listening to?”Vicki stepped inside. “It sounds like an orchestra warm-up.”

Reclining on the couch, Henry opened his eyes. “You’re both Philistines. It’s Jeux venetiens, an early work by Polish avant-garde composer Witold Lutoslawski.”

Vicki looked at Mike. “Avant-garde. That means bad.”

Mike looked back. “Early. That also means bad.”

“Lutoslawski’s music is groundbreaking in its use of–”

“Henry,” Vicki said. “It’s music.”

“If you have to explain it,” Mike said, “it’s too late.”

“Philistines.” Henry sighed. “And I *assured* Witold that everyone would love it.”


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