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Firefly Drabbles

Firefly Drabbles

by Mara

Summary: Unconnected drabbles. Setting, mood, and pairing may vary.

It was all her fault. No question, Mal decided, Inara got him into this
situation. Her with the silk and the velvet and the perfume and who wore that
kind of go-se in this day and age anyway?

Especially on a ship like his. Positively indecent it was. Made a man’s head

Made him do stupid things, like sneak into her ship to smell her perfume.

And not notice when she returned.

And have to hide in her closet.

Don’t open the door, he thought. Don’t open the door. Don’t–

“Mal? What are you doing?”

Damn. Definitely her fault.

SnowballJane asked for a drabble about Inara’s clothing/jewelry/etc.

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