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Have Fun Storming The Castle

Have Fun Storming The Castle

by Mara

Summary: A commentfic for Liviapenn’s Babs and Dick commentfic fest.

Prompted by “knife, wings, compare”

It wasn’t an especially busy night for Oracle. She was monitoring Black Canary
in Tunisia (drinking tequila with an informant), searching for traces of a new
supervillain for Green Lantern (starting with stolen hydrochloric acid), and
helping Batman trace a drug smuggling operation (shipping records and more
shipping records).

Of course, it was a poorly hidden secret among the Bats and Birds that she
*always* had an ear out for what Nightwing was up to. She heard the tell-tale
whoosh of his pseudo-wings as he swooped down on some unsuspecting miscreant and
transferred some of her attention over.

“That’s not a knife. Now *this* is a knife!” Dick said with relish.

Babs spared a hand long enough to tap into his comm. “Oh. My. God. I can’t
believe you just quoted ‘Crocodile Dundee’ to a perp.”

A few muffled grunts echoed in the background. “C’mon, I’ve gotta do something,
otherwise it’s just the same thing every night. I was thinking this week of
trying to work in a movie quote with every perp captured.”

Babs lightly smacked her head on the bookshelf just to her right, before sending
Green Lantern the information he’d requested. “Wingster, you are insane.”

“I try. Which reminds me, have you got any info for me on who’s bringing the
meth into Gotham and Bl├╝dhaven? I’m tired of muggers and ready to bust some

“Hey,” Babs said solemnly, “rush a miracle woman and you get lousy miracles.”

Dick snorted his laugh. “The Princess Bride, huh? Oracle, you are truly

“Damn straight. You’d do well to remember that.”


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