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Part of Life’s Fascination

Part of Life’s Fascination

by Mara

Summary: Bruce Wayne encounters Captain Jack Harkness at a fundraiser.

NOTES: So not that long ago, I said that “my” comic!Bruce was straight, except
when it comes to Clark. Well, it turns out that he’s willing to make one other
exception. Who knew? Written for Sarkastic’s ‘Captain Jack Sexes Everyone In
Every Fandom Ever’ Challenge, as well as Fanfic 100 #35, Sixth Sense and
Psych_30 #14, Fixation.

Chandeliers twinkled and the beautiful people mingled, as the Wayne Foundation
began its annual fundraiser to benefit Gotham General Hospital.

As always, Bruce resented the need to take time off the streets to play this
part, but he played it dutifully.

Tim–who’d lost the coin toss with Dick–fiddled with his tie at Bruce’s side.
“Three hours?” he asked under his breath as they paused in the doorway to survey
the crowd.

“For a good cause,” Bruce replied as people began to notice them. “Andrea, so
good to see you,” he said, pasting on a smile. “Have you met Tim yet?”

It was automatic after all these years–he made small talk, pushed his peers to
write bigger checks, and flirted a little, but not so much he might actually
*encourage* someone.

While half his mind played the part of a gracious and wealthy host, the other
half chewed away at a long-term plan to upgrade the Cave’s security. He’d been
working on new sensors when Alfred forced him to get dressed for the event.

“So *you’re* the infamous Bruce Wayne,” a man said behind him, his tone
somewhere just past amused.

“Excuse me?” Bruce asked, turning.

“Pardon me,” the man said, flashing a million-dollar smile, “that was rude. My
name is Jack, Captain Jack Harkness.” He held out his hand and Bruce shook it
automatically, catching his breath for no reason he could explain.

“So, what brings you here this evening?” Bruce asked. The other man’s face was
so…perfect, it reminded him a little of Clark. “Do you do business in Gotham?”

Jack threw his head back and laughed. “I’m just passing through, actually.”

Which was a little odd, since this evening’s event wasn’t cheap and it was
invitation-only. Bruce’s smile didn’t change. “It’s very nice to meet you
nonetheless.” And I’ll keep an eye on you, he didn’t say.

* * * * *

It turned out to be unnecessary for Bruce to look for Jack Harkness, because
even when he *wasn’t* looking for the other man, he seemed to be everywhere.
Jack was always nearby and whenever Bruce turned in his direction, Jack was
always looking at him.

After an hour, Bruce was nearly vibrating with annoyance. He made his way toward
Tim, rescuing him from a gaggle of girls trying to make time with the new Wayne
heir. He smoothly removed Tim from the situation, steering him toward a quiet

“Cover me,” he muttered, tapping the tiny comm in his ear. Tim looked
attentively at Bruce. “Oracle,” Bruce said.

“Yes, oh wise one. Tell me you haven’t seen the Joker, because I *know* he’s
locked up in Arkham.”

Bruce ignored her, knowing she was half glad to be skipping the party and half
wishing she could dance. “I need a check on one of the guests,” Bruce said.
“Captain Jack Harkness. I don’t know what he’s captain of, but he’s in his late

“What did he do?”

“Nothing. There’s just…something strange.”

“Your spidey-sense is tingling. Got it. Okay, I’ll get back to you in a few

Bruce sighed. Tim nodded. “Is Harkness the guy who’s been following you? I’ve
had my eye on him too, but nobody seems to know who he is.”

“I will when Oracle is through.” And Bruce strode back into the fray.

* * * * *

It was almost 20 minutes before Oracle’s voice was in his ear. “Cough once if
you’re there.”

Bruce coughed, smiling apologetically at the senator who was telling an
incredibly dull story about a fishing trip.

“To my surprise, B, you’ve actually provided a challenge on this rather boring
night, because I can’t seem to find your Captain Jack.”

Bruce’s chest was tight with the tension of not asking Oracle any questions.

“The closest I’ve got is a Captain Jack Harkness who was an American volunteer
in the Royal Air Force during World War II. But unless your guy is a lot older
than he looks, that can’t be him. There’s a Captain James Harkness who runs a
fishing boat in Seattle and a Captain Jeremy Harkner in the Army, but that’s it,
unless you think his name is really Adam or Morris. And before you ask, I’ve
looked *everywhere*. I’ve checked every country that has captains, every name
that gets the nickname of Jack, every source I know. Either the name’s fake or
this guy doesn’t exist.”

Bruce turned his head slowly to the right. Jack was laughing with Commissioner
Gordon, but he immediately looked directly at Bruce…and winked.

That was it. Bruce cut the senator off mid-anecdote. “So sorry,” he said, “but I
see someone I *must* speak with before he leaves.”

Striding toward Jack, Bruce expected him to look at least a little nervous, but
Jack just smiled broadly at him as Bruce grabbed his arm. “Pardon me,
Commissioner,” Jack said, “but I think I’m being summoned.”

“Of course,” Jim said, looking confused as Jack was dragged away.

“Just can’t wait to get me alone, hmm?” Jack murmured as Bruce pulled him onto a
balcony and shut the door behind them.

Bruce turned and stood in front of the door. “Who *are* you and what do you
want?” His voice was somewhere between Bruce and Batman.

A slow and lascivious smile grew on Jack’s face. “What do I want? Oh, that’s

Taking a step forward, he moved into Bruce’s personal space, slid his arms
around Bruce’s neck and kissed him.

It was as much an invasion as a kiss, first a tentative peck, then a quick brush
of tongue across Bruce’s lips, finally a full-scale attack.

Bruce was so surprised, he opened his mouth to argue, which Jack took as an
invitation, chuckling against Bruce’s lips and licking his tongue. The jolt
through Bruce’s stomach was something he hadn’t felt in a long while and he
gasped for breath. Jack dove in, taking advantage of the opportunity, and Bruce
automatically put his arms around Jack.

When the door hit Bruce’s back, he was even more surprised, but his body gladly
voted to keep kissing.

How long they stood there, Bruce never knew, but it seemed like hours of
leisure, nipping at lips and tongues, tasting champagne and chocolate and

Finally, Jack pulled back, face flushed and still more handsome.

Bruce swallowed, trying to catch his breath. “What…?”

Leaning forward, Jack whispered in his ear. “I always wanted to kiss Batman.
Thank you.”

Jack took a step backward. “I wish I could stay.” Before Bruce could grab him,
he touched something in his pocket and vanished.

Bruce was reaching for his comm when a signal came in. “Whoa!” Oracle shouted.
“We’ve got a UFO boosting into space out of Gotham. Small, but damn fast. I have
*no* idea where it’s been hiding.”

“Let it go.”

Alarms and buzzers were sounding in Oracle’s headquarters, but her voice went
silent for a few seconds. “*What* did you just say? Were you talking to me?”

“Tell the League, the Air Force, whoever needs to know, to let it go.” Bruce
wiped his lips and concentrated on slowing his heartrate.

“Can I ask why?” From the sounds, she was doing as he’d asked.

“The UFO…is no danger to us.”

“How do you know?”

Bruce straightened his tuxedo and grinned up at the night sky. “Let’s just say I
have a feeling.”


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