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Why Did the Ganders Cross the Road?

Why Did the Ganders Cross the Road? by Mara Summary: Scott and Logan are on the road together. It could be going better. (Story #16) NOTES: This story, part of the Golden Goose Round Robin, takes place at the same time as Paxnirvana’s “Migration.” Thanks to Min for letting us have fun with her idea. […]

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A Man and His Socks

A Man and His Socks by Mara Summary: When Trip and Malcolm set out to rescue two crewmates from the Tandarans, things go from sublime to ridiculous. NOTES: This is a response to a Challenge in a Can from the Linguistics Database. For once, revealing the challenge in advance won’t ruin the story: it was […]

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A Night on the Town

A Night on the Town by Mara Summary: When the Teen Titans hit Gotham for a night out, Tim wonders where he can get fitted for a straightjacket. CONTINUITY: This certainly happens before just about anything in the last year of Robin or Teen Titans. Or it’s an AU, if you prefer. NOTES: I love […]

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Everybody Has a Birthday

Everybody Has a Birthday by Mara Summary: They say never to work with children or animals. Where did Bruce go wrong? Story Notes: Yet another story that’s entirely the husband’s fault. The title is from a Kurt Vonnegut quote that is otherwise completely unrelated to this story, so I shall not give it in full. […]

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To Conquer Fear

To Conquer Fear by Mara Summary: Batman, Gil Grissom, and their teams must catch a villain before people Author’s Chapter Notes: As usual, I blame Medie. She posted a cute crossover ficlet and I *had* to borrow the idea (with permission). Her ficlet can be found at http://www.livejournal.com/users/medie/662017.html. This is also Fanfic100 #51, Water, and […]

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Town Mouse, Country Mouse

Town Mouse, Country Mouse by Mara Summary: To his own surprise, Lex finds himself helping Chloe disguise herself as a society babe. And what good can come of *that*? NOTES: This fic got out of hand, and as usual, it’s all Medie’s fault 😉 Tremendous thanks go to Alexis for reassurance and betareading duties. And […]

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Family Life

Family Life by Mara Summary: “I’m fine, Clark. Just wondering how long you’ve had a twin brother.” Author’s Chapter Notes: This is Medie’s fault to begin with. (Big surprise there.) Anyway, months ago, she told me I *had* to write this. I finally finished it as a surprise for Medie Appreciation Day. Thanks to DebC […]

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At Once a Delight and a Tyrant

At Once a Delight and a Tyrant by Mara Summary: The Doctor decides that he and Rose need a vacation. Notes: A pinch-hitting fic for the Ninth Doctor Ficathon, written for Sam (eternalwings). No spoilers.

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