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A Vampire’s Best Friend?

A Vampire’s Best Friend? by Mara Summary: Magic really sucks, you know?

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Strip Away the Phony

Strip Away the Phony by Mara Summary: Henry’s found something in Vicki’s apartment that provokes a few…uncomfortable question Story Notes: For Medie, who begged so very prettily.

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An Accurate Mind

An Accurate Mind by Mara Summary: Two great minds that think alike. Watch out, world(s). Author’s Chapter Notes: I’m playing fast and loose with Firefly canon. Please roll with it for the sake of the crack. Oh, and one Guide entry is taken *almost* directly from the book, although the others are mine. (It will […]

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Sharing Equally Their Pleasures

Sharing Equally Their Pleasures by Mara Summary: You just never know what the Rift is going to drop in Cardiff. Story Notes: Written for Ladysarahii’s fandom_stocking.

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True to Your Animal Instincts

True to Your Animal Instincts by Mara Summary: Chloe Sullivan would like it known that the entire incident was Not Her Fault. Notes: This is, however, *entirely* the fault of the gang at Heatherly’s fondue party, who egged me on. You’re just lucky I didn’t write the one about Spider-Man, okay?

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