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The Space Between

The Space Between by Mara Summary: “If anyone is bringing scantily dressed women to Atlantis, it’s probably Col. Sheppard.” (SGA/DCU) CONTINUITY: Not on your life, bucko. NOTES: I love to blame Medie for half my fic, but this time technically it’s either the fault of her random pairing generator, or Kayim, who (months ago) posted […]

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Part of Life’s Fascination

Part of Life’s Fascination by Mara Summary: Bruce Wayne encounters Captain Jack Harkness at a fundraiser. NOTES: So not that long ago, I said that “my” comic!Bruce was straight, except when it comes to Clark. Well, it turns out that he’s willing to make one other exception. Who knew? Written for Sarkastic’s ‘Captain Jack Sexes […]

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To Conquer Fear

To Conquer Fear by Mara Summary: Batman, Gil Grissom, and their teams must catch a villain before people Author’s Chapter Notes: As usual, I blame Medie. She posted a cute crossover ficlet and I *had* to borrow the idea (with permission). Her ficlet can be found at http://www.livejournal.com/users/medie/662017.html. This is also Fanfic100 #51, Water, and […]

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(I Wonder) If I Can Trust You

(I Wonder) If I Can Trust You by Mara Summary: Ever since the night they kissed, Bruce has kept an ear out for word of Captain Jack Harkness. Story Notes: This is a sequel to my fic “Part of Life’s Fascination.” It is for Psych_30 #26, Obsession and Fanfic100 #79, When? Thanks go to PurpleAllison […]

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But Look What I Found

But Look What I Found by Mara Summary: Oracle’s got a guest. Jubilee’s new in town. Tim’s having a bad night. Story Notes: Minisinoo asked for Jubilee in a crossover with DC, preferably Oracle or Tim. How could I resist some of my favorite characters? There is no continuity whatsoever, so don’t even try.

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Family Life

Family Life by Mara Summary: “I’m fine, Clark. Just wondering how long you’ve had a twin brother.” Author’s Chapter Notes: This is Medie’s fault to begin with. (Big surprise there.) Anyway, months ago, she told me I *had* to write this. I finally finished it as a surprise for Medie Appreciation Day. Thanks to DebC […]

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Family Ties

Family Ties by Mara Summary: “Batman, I presume?” Chloe asked. Author’s Chapter Notes: People (especially Heatherly) asked so nicely for a sequel. I’m not even slightly immune to flattery. (Or bribery. I want my bean dip! ::snerk::) Unbetaread flashfic because I felt like it 😀 CONTINUITY: This is a sequel to “Family Life,” an alternate […]

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Family Values

Family Valies by Mara Summary: Working for the Justice League can lead you to some pretty strange places. Chloe should know better than to get complacent. Author’s Chapter Notes: Fine, it’s a series. Happy now? ::glares at everyone:: This one is totally Reanne’s fault. ::glares specifically at her:: I didn’t originally intend…well, you’ll see. Let’s […]

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