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Of the Heart by Derivation

Of the Heart by Derivation by Mara Summary: Bart and Mia have a lot to talk about. More than they thought, in fact. uthor’s Chapter Notes: Written for Glossing in the 2006 JBBS challenge. Thanks to Saone for the beta. Continuuity: TT vol. 3, just before Infinite Crisis.

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Family Life

Family Life by Mara Summary: “I’m fine, Clark. Just wondering how long you’ve had a twin brother.” Author’s Chapter Notes: This is Medie’s fault to begin with. (Big surprise there.) Anyway, months ago, she told me I *had* to write this. I finally finished it as a surprise for Medie Appreciation Day. Thanks to DebC […]

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At Once a Delight and a Tyrant

At Once a Delight and a Tyrant by Mara Summary: The Doctor decides that he and Rose need a vacation. Notes: A pinch-hitting fic for the Ninth Doctor Ficathon, written for Sam (eternalwings). No spoilers.

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Lost the Art of Living

Lost Art of Living by Mara Summary: Bruce thinks about Ted Kord. Notes: So very much Madripoor Rose’s fault for pointing out something in the episode I hadn’t thought about. Continuity: Brave and the Bold toonverse, after the teaser of “The Fall of the Blue Beetle” and after the end of the episode. Big ol’ […]

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