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Sharing Equally Their Pleasures

Sharing Equally Their Pleasures by Mara Summary: You just never know what the Rift is going to drop in Cardiff. Story Notes: Written for Ladysarahii’s fandom_stocking.

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Out There With You

Out There With You by Mara Summary: Tim runs away. Bernard follows. CONTINUITY: Veers off after War Games and Identity Crisis. Also, I’m doing my best to deal with the inconsistent personality of Willingham’s Robin. Wish me luck. DISCLAIMER: These characters belong to DC Comics. I just fantasize and worry about them. NOTES: This is […]

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Change is the Only Constant

Change is the Only Constant by Mara Summary: When Bruce Wayne becomes Dr. Gregory House’s latest patient, House’s hidden past might just be disclosed. CONTINUITY: No spoilers for House. Some spoilers for DC big events Identity Crisis and War Games, although this isn’t set in the same continuity. Clear as mud? Righto. Just roll with […]

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Part of Life’s Fascination

Part of Life’s Fascination by Mara Summary: Bruce Wayne encounters Captain Jack Harkness at a fundraiser. NOTES: So not that long ago, I said that “my” comic!Bruce was straight, except when it comes to Clark. Well, it turns out that he’s willing to make one other exception. Who knew? Written for Sarkastic’s ‘Captain Jack Sexes […]

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Shore to the Ocean

Shore to the Ocean by Mara Summary: Why in the world is Kon avoiding Tim? Author’s Chapter Notes: Fanfic100 #47, Heart and Psych_30 #11, Castration Anxiety. This was inspired by someone else’s fic, but I can’t tell you whose until the end. Also, there are two endings to this story, because I couldn’t make up […]

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Untitled Roy/Tim

Untitled Roy/Tim by Mara Summary: Who’s in Roy’s apartment? Author’s Chapter Notes: Commentfic written for Aravistarkheena

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Untitled Brainy/Lyle

Untitled Brainy/Lyle by Mara Summary: Brainiac 5 is pretty sure he’s imagining things. Author’s Chapter Notes: Commentfic written for Kayim’s DCU Kissing Meme.

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A Lesson Finally Learned (The Repetitive Remix)

A Lesson Finally Learned (The Repetitive Remix) by Mara Summary: Jack Harkness can sometimes be a very slow learner. Written for the 2008 Remix Challenge Original Story: A Lesson Finally Learned by Xwingace Spoilers: Minor spoilers for season 2, up to “Adam.”

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