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True to Your Animal Instincts

True to Your Animal Instincts

by Mara

Summary: Chloe Sullivan would like it known that the entire incident was Not Her Fault.

Notes: This is, however, *entirely* the fault of the gang at Heatherly’s fondue party, who egged me on. You’re just lucky I didn’t write the one about Spider-Man, okay?

Sometimes Chloe wondered if it was even worth it having such good ideas, when the men in her life could always screw them up. And not just in a small way, either.

For instance, there was the time she got the bright idea that Lex needed a pet. Really, there was scientific research to back her up and everything.

“Man,” Clark said two weeks later, leaning his head back against the beatup couch in her apartment, “what a day I’ve had.”

“Hmm?” she said, not looking up from her computer, where she was typing up her story for the Daily Planet about the World Bank’s latest meeting.

“So I got this call from the Justice League, right? And I figured it had to be one of Wally’s jokes, but when I got there, there really *was* a giant mutant gerbil the size of a hippo.”

Chloe stopped typing. In fact, she stopped breathing for a long moment. “Gerbil?” she asked, her voice cracking.

“Yeah. And would you believe that it spit Kryptonite pellets?” Clark looked at her. “Hey, why are you banging your head on the keyboard?”

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